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African Heating Gas Division specializes in on-site heat treatment; utilizing mobile gas-fired equipment. Performing extensive Heat Treatment since 1994.

On-Site Heat Treatment

We specialize in on-site heat treatment; utilizing mobile gas or diesel fired equipment. We also offer electrical resistance heat treatment.

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Based in the Vaal Triangle, African Heating Gas Division provides a 24 hour service, 365 days a year anywhere in South Africa. Call 016 981 8838 today for a consultation.

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Recognizing the value of this considerable experience and technical know-how, African Heating Gas Division has been offering their services to clients since early 1994.  The rapid acceptance of African Heating Gas Division by the industry is evidence that clients appreciate the fast, responsive, reliable and professional services, which is the cornerstone of African Heating Gas Division’s value system

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02.Why Choose Us

African Heating Gas Division is a well-respected enterprise that fully understands the value of:

Unbeatable Service

African Heating Gas Division Provides An Unbeatable Service Level

Urgent Support

The sense of urgency to support a breakdown or repair and maintenance operation.

High Quality Projects

The need and requirement of our clients to meet the high quality levels required for sophisticated projects and day to day engineering.

Satisfied Clients

African Heating Gas Division, since 1994, has performed extensive Heat Treatment for many satisfied clients.

24 / 7 Availability

A 24-hour availability, 365 days per year.

Professional Team

Heat treatment technicians are carefully selected and their competency evaluated at regular intervals. All technicians receive in-house training.

03.Our Profile

  • Field Personnel
  • Safety
  • Quality Assurance
  • Our Experts

African Heating Gas Division employs a substantial core group of supervisors, technicians, and semi-skilled trade assistants.

In addition to the core group African Heating Gas Division can mobilize additional skilled staff, of the required quality, at short notice.  This includes technicians and all necessary equipment to complete the job.

International Wide Service

African Heating Gas Division (Pty) Ltd is based in South Africa. The mobility of our heat treatment equipment enables us to operate anywhere in Southern Africa and further afield if required.

As a medium expanding company African Heating Gas Division prides itself with minimal to no incidents on various construction sites.  In 2013 African Heating Gas Division received recognition from a well-known international mining company for conducting a serious high-risk operation safely, professionally and with no harm to any employees or property. We believe a fundamental part of safety is communication and teamwork. Before any work starts African Heating Gas Division will conduct a meeting with the client’s safety department and establish what needs to be done and how it can be done safely.

Our administration is done according to the Occupational Health and Safety act as well as to the Mine Health and Safety act. Before African Heating Gas Division sets foot on your premises, we would have already communicated with your contract coordinator in regards with the contractor’s pack, safety file, procedures, risk assessments, legal appointments, registers, and any relevant legal documentation that the client may require.

Training and competency are off the utmost importance for African Heating Gas Division. Although heat treatment is not n recognizable trade in South Africa, we let our employees go through years of continuous in-house heat treatment training, LPG training, safety training, first aid training and firefighting. Our employees go through yearly medical examinations to determine if they are fit for work. We continue to better ourselves and evolve with changing situations and environments. We are always open for suggestions on how we can serve you better and safer. We can do what few others can, but most importantly, we can do it safely.

Our mission is to offer clients a responsive and competitive service, which consistently meets the technical requirements.  In line with engineering tradition, quality is assured through our Quality Management System, which is in line with ISO 9002 requirements.

All equipment is serviced regularly and repaired when needed by an independent contractor and inspected in accordance with an agreed inspection plan before being released for use by African Heating Gas Division.

Relevant equipment-measuring and control instruments are calibrated in accordance with approved procedures.

Heat treatment technicians are carefully selected, and their competency evaluated at regular intervals.  All technicians receive in-house training.

The values of absolute integrity, quality and service orientation are reinforced at every opportunity.

These Are Some Of Our Experts In The Heat Treatment Business:

Martin Papworth Operations Director Cell: 083 326-6295
Martin has proven beyond any doubt to be totally committed and dedicated to his undertakings in managing and representing African Heating Gas Division.  He has an unlimited ability in negotiating with clients and has worked on contracts as far as the United States.

Sean Papworth Manager Cell: 084 880-6230
Sean has been with African Heating Gas Division since 2002 and has been working with gas for the duration thereof.  He has been in a Managerial position for the past ten years.  If there is a problem on your furnace or site he will be able to assist you in most areas of heat treatment.

Louis Conradie Cell: 084 509 5864
Louis joined us in the beginning of 2006.  He has shown a natural instinct for heat treatment and is currently an A grade technician and a Qualified Safety Officer as well as a site manager, with the following qualifications: Hazard Identification, Incident & Accident Investigation, Samtrac and Samtrac Mining, project management and various applicable qualifications regarding heat treatment.

The values of absolute integrity, quality and service orientation are reinforced at every opportunity.