Our Services

How African Heating Gas Division (Pty) Ltd Can Serve You

African Heating Gas Division specializes in on-site heat treatment; utilizing mobile gas or diesel fired equipment.

Our motivated staff would appreciate the opportunity to provide services in the following engineering areas:

  • Refractory dry-outs and curing using mobile gas or diesel units
  • Post-weld heat treatment (stress relieving).  Internal firings or temporary furnaces, utilizing diesel or gas burners
  • Furnace heat treatment
  • Furnace constructions
  • On site gas heat treatment utilizing mobile gas burners

Where you can benefit from our service

  • Where installed equipment cannot be moved.
  • Where the client wishes to survey the heat treatment task closely, on his own premises.
  • To save transport costs to and from fixed heat treatment plant(s).
  • To eliminate the time wasted when items are sent away for off-site heat treatment.
  • Where your furnace burners cannot maintain the low temperature rise, while you require a more even heat up to the take over temperature.
  • African Heating Gas Division Provides An Unbeatable Service Level

African Heating Gas Division is a well-respected enterprise that fully understands the value of:

  • The sense of urgency to support a breakdown or repair and maintenance operation.
  • The need and requirement of our clients to meet the high quality levels required for sophisticated projects and day to day engineering.
  • A 24-hour availability, 365 days per year.
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