As a medium expanding company African Heating Gas Division prides itself with minimal to no incidents on various construction sites.  In 2013 African Heating Gas Division received recognition from a well-known international mining company for conducting a serious high-risk operation safely, professionally and with no harm to any employees or property. We believe a fundamental part of safety is communication and teamwork. Before any work starts African Heating Gas Division will conduct a meeting with the client’s safety department and establish what needs to be done and how it can be done safely.

Our administration is done according to the Occupational Health and Safety act as well as to the Mine Health and Safety act. Before African Heating Gas Division sets foot on your premises, we would have already communicated with your contract coordinator in regards with the contractor’s pack, safety file, procedures, risk assessments, legal appointments, registers, and any relevant legal documentation that the client may require.

Training and competency are off the utmost importance for African Heating Gas Division. Although heat treatment is not n recognizable trade in South Africa, we let our employees go through years of continuous in-house heat treatment training, LPG training, safety training, first aid training and firefighting. Our employees go through yearly medical examinations to determine if they are fit for work. We continue to better ourselves and evolve with changing situations and environments. We are always open for suggestions on how we can serve you better and safer. We can do what few others can, but most importantly, we can do it safely.